We provide a safe, comfortable, and clean working environment. Safety training and emergency protocols are in place and third-party monitored. First aid stations are located throughout our facility. We are compliant with ILO (International Labour Organization) fundamental conventions. We have instituted a number of environmentally friendly initiatives including increased recycling and usage reductions in energy usage, water consumption and factory emissions.


Casting scraps, metal shop waste, and metal shavings are gathered and re-melted at nearly 3,000 degrees to eliminate any contaminates and then blended with molten iron to be used in our own weight plates.

Although none of our products are made with recycled rubber or urethane, workshop rubber cuttings and scrap vulcanized rubber are collected, bagged, and sold to Nantong manufacturers.

We operate an advanced casting recycling system to reduce green sand consumption. Cooling water is recycled and reused throughout our manufacturing processes.

Energy Reduction

We have replaced our coal-fired foundry furnace with a complex clean-burning electric casting furnace. The furnace’s fast heating coil reduces electric consumption. Its high-efficiency, energy saving hood-cover minimizes energy usage and reduces emissions. Our foundry operates at night, and during off-peak periods, to reduce energy costs.

Steam is generated from furnace waste heat and redirected throughout our facility for heating.

We have recently installed a photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system to further reduce our non-renewable energy consumption.

Emissions Abatement

Our continuously improving health and environmental protection measures comply with all national regulations and exceeds government mandates. Our foundry and workshops are well ventilated and air-conditioned where possible. Air ventilation systems have been installed in each workshop area. 

Clean air flow is provided to all workstations while emissions and dust are extracted. We are regularly inspected, and we meet all provincial health and safety emission control standards. Our pollution abatement equipment has reduced the emission of CO2, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We don’t use any health or environmentally critical materials (i.e., glycol, asbestos, or PCBs).


We are compliant with all major industry standards including RoHs, REACH, Conflict Mineral and California Proposition 65 policy. We can assist you in obtaining additional third-party compliance verifications if required.

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