State of the Art Manufacturing

Rebar has invested heavily in creating a modern high-tech manufacturing facility. Our inhouse lab, automated casting machines, CNC controlled lathes, lasers and robotic welding gives us the most advanced free-weight and accessory factory in the world. 

Our advanced CNC mixer ensures the most precise color control in the industry. This technology allows us to adjust colors to accurately match exact Pantone color specifications. All of our production is done at our single facility without the use of any subcontracted production. We have exceptional control over all material inputs and production processes resulting in consistent finished goods.


We operate a fully automated, green-sand, high volume casting system within our own on-site foundry. Automated formed castings improve iron core consistencies and maintain tighter tolerances. This process results in a smoother core requiring less machining and pre-encasing preparation.

With the largest automated, high-speed casting system in the fitness industry, we can quickly ramp-up to meet surges in your demand. We also provide inhouse manual casting for small runs and customized orders. This gives us the flexibility to quickly and cost effectively produce your orders regardless of the order size.

We carry a wide range of standardized pre-made iron cores. Our pre-made iron cores enable us to move straight to encasing on order placement and helps us reduce production lead times.

Machine Shop

Our modern machine shop is equipped with some of the latest technology and is dedicated to high-quality numeric controlled precision manufacturing.

Investment in robotic welding gives us more precise and consistent welding than the manual welding you will see in almost all of the other free-weight factories. Higher yields, faster throughputs and fewer consumables allow us better welds at a lower cost.

Rebar’s fully automated production line allows us to produce consistent high-quality products while keeping the cost of production as low as possible and maintaining scheduled production flows.

Mold Shop

Offering urethane injection molding and compression molding, we operate the largest molding facility in our industry. Advanced compression rubber moldings with over-molding options are also available. We are molding many of the most detailed and attractive brands in the industry.

Our high-volume capacity and wide range of equipment options enable our molding shop to concurrently mold numerous product designs while still accelerating lead-times.

In partnership with a leading tool maker, we can assist you by creating custom molds and texture patterns for your uniquely designed product. We can also private label our own product designs with your logo.

Chrome Plating

We are one of the very few free-weight manufacturers operating our own chroming facility. In almost every case our competitors are sub-contracting chrome plating.

Performing this critical step ourselves gives us full control over the quality and adherence to your chrome plating specifications. We are not subject to third-party bottlenecks or uncertain lead times.

We provide both industrial hard chrome and glossy decorative chrome finishes. Salt spray testing, thickness testing and adhesion testing are all performed on each production run.

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