About Rebar

With years of experience supplying many of the leading names in the fitness industry, we are committed to making the highest quality fitness equipment. We are not dependent on third parties to control materials, workmanship, or production lead times and can provide you with the best quality products at a competitive price. As a successful supplier, we are well versed in warehousing, shipping, and order fulfilment.

Our processes


Our in-house lab, automated casting machines, CNC controlled lathes, lasers and robotic welding give us the most advanced free-weight and accessory factory in the world.


Customized products build customer loyalty, brand awareness, and promote team pride. Invest in brand awareness through customized free weights and accessories.

Reliability Testing

We are continually improving our products through collected reliability testing data to identify any potential reliability concerns and make timely adjustments to our production processes.


We eliminate any contaminates, do not make any of our products with recycled rubber or urethane, and we are compliant with all major industry standards.

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